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Väsby Konsthall’s Exhibition: A Community Celebration of Art

Väsby Konsthall’s Exhibition

The art exhibition, which took place from February 17th to March 19th, 2024, at the esteemed Väsby Konsthall, showcased an collection of approximately 35 paintings.

These artworks, meticulously selected to represent a diverse range of styles and subjects, offered visitors a comprehensive insight into big part of my collection.

Openned by local representative

The exhibition at Väsby Konsthall kicked off with a high note, opened by a prominent local community leader, emphasizing the community’s strong backing for the arts.

Gathering 100 attendees

The Vernissage day saw a gathering of around 100 attendees, including art lovers, collectors, and critics, showcasing the area’s keen interest in cultural happenings.

The significant attendance spurred engaging conversations and interactions, adding vitality to the local arts scene.