About Me

Board professional and financial consultant and worked during many years in senior banking positions in Sweden and abroad. The knowledge from this profession influencing today my paintings.

During many years I devoted a lot of time to painting and art studies. Nowadays painting is a passion for me and always look and think about events, nature, people with a painters eye.

The last five years the painting have more  been turned to contempory /modern painting with illustrations of national or international aspects of critical matters , like political, economic, social, environmental, technical, legal issues.

I can say that my paintings are with strong and intense colours and use mainly techniques with oil and collage. I paint at home, but also frequently painting in different art studios, mainly in Stockholm, which give dynamic influences in my paintings. In additon I get very influenced by visiting galleries and art museums in various European locations. I have had since 2015. some art exhibitions.

Carl Håkan Källåker